– Can I apply if I am in Queensland?

– Of course, our online pilot program will also be assisting students interested in digital media in other locations in Australia.  

– I have family in Taree. Is it possible to complete 2 weeks intensive work experience?

– Of course, please complete the application form and advise in other your available dates.

– I am more interested in App development?

Excellent, later in the year we will be introducing projects where you can be part of a team to learn & develop. We will add Apps to the list and let you know. Please complete the application form noting, App Project.


– What are the costs for a business to participate?

$500 for a social media competitor research report or $2,500 for a student over 1 school term for 10 days to learn and complete one service task at a time. (all prices are quoted exc GST)

– What are term 2,3 and 4 projects in 2018?

– Each term we will add new skill sets you will be able to request as service tasks.  For instance, in term 2 we will introduce video production.

– Can I employ someone from this program?

A – Absolutely! The students participating are in Y10 through to Y12 and many already have p/t or casual work. We would be delighted if  you wanted to employ a student directly. We also look at offering an ongoing guidance, support and training program for students working remotely and taken on as casual or p/t.

– Can one term focus on just one company or a project?

A – Absolutely, as the pilot expands and online applications increase we encourage companies to send us projects to promote to students & schools. It is all about planning though to ensure we get it right. Please email your project requirements to [email protected] and we will call you to discuss. It normally takes 90 days for us to clarify, plan & promote, 90 days to review applications with you. 90 days to implement, train & test – 90 days to measure, analyse & refine.  #SOYT

– What happens if my requested tasks are not completed in a term?

A – In term 1, We will endeavor to complete your competitor social media research & report service task plus another service task.  If your service task is not completed, due to unforseen circumstances, we will add to the following term service tasks.





If you have any other questions or suggestions to improve this pilot, please email [email protected]