Oliver Smuhar – SAKT2018

“The one week of remote work experience was enjoyable. I liked working with Paula and her team as they focused on my skill set in writing and creating things. I learnt valuable skills working remotely within a team environment and found heaps of online tools which I will definitely be using in the future. It was real work, and I had the opportunity to review and provide feedback on CPD for Me website, creating copy and marketing content. 
Paula’s background is in publishing and the printing industry too, so she suggested a few ways that could help me break into the publishing world, to further improve my first book’s success. It was very eye opening and I would highly recommend #SAKT incubator for those students who have a clear goal and industry with their future careers.
I was chuffed that on review of my essay below, Midcoast Digital changed the incubator name from #SOYT Support Our Youth Too to #Support Australian Kids Today”.
Oliver Smuhar – SAKT2018


What I’ve done since Midcoast Digital #SAKT2018

I finished school and went on to publish two more books. I’ve also had the opportunity to write and edit screenplays for Australian producers and directors, I got a new part-time job working in a restaurant, I am preparing to launch a fundraising campaign to raise money for the environment, and I won two awards which were:

Reviewers Choice Award 2018/19 – Best Book Written By Author Age 18 of Under

Reviewers Choice Award Global Awards 2018/19 – Best from Australia

Oliver is currently at university studying and available to work casually.  Learn more about Oliver’s success with links and books:

Why MidCoast Digital #SOYT should be changed to #SAKT – Support Aussie Kids Today 

My name is Oliver Smuhar and I love to read books and write. As I’ve been studying for my HSC, I’ve been looking towards the future to see what possibilities are out there for me as a storyteller. I have a dream job, I want to make stories, and I’ve been working hard to achieve this goal, self-publishing my debut novel, The Gifts of Life, on July 21st, 2018, just five weeks before my Trial Examinations. 

However, as I look into the many industries that are available to me, and because I’ve been learning more about outsourcing through MidCoast Digital and what it means in Australia, I feel as though my goals are now unachievable. 

Carl John Fechner writes, “outsourcing is an increasingly popular business model in Australia. According to a recent market research report by IbisWorld, it’s been growing by about 1.2% per year from 2013 to 2018, with a projected revenue of 32 billion dollars this year.” 

These statistics scare me! If Australian businesses are outsourcing more and more, because it is financially beneficial, by the time I graduate from my double degree at university, in 2023, the outsourcing model will have increased by 12% from 2013 (the year I started high school). Moreover, this means that 12% of people my age will be missing out on job opportunities in careers like engineering, I.T., science, marketing, communications, teaching, medicine, mathematics, and many others, which all take 3+ years of further education after graduating high school. This is more evident from the governmental statistics by Guy Woods, that highlight that the most outsourced jobs in Australia are those in which people need degrees.

How are people from my generation expected to get careers in these dream jobs we’ve been studying for, if all of the job opportunities are given to people from overseas? What is the point of studying if I miss my opportunity to have a chance of obtaining the job I want?

This is why #SOYT, Support Our Youth Today, should be changed to #SAKT, Support Aussie Kids Today. Not only does it feel unfair that I need to pay for my education, but how am I expected to pay off my HECS if I have less of an opportunity to get financial income or even a job at the end of studying?

If we don’t support Aussie kids today, what will it be like in the future? Will we have more people in debt? How can we pay for our education? What if something happens to the world and Australian businesses can’t rely on outsourcing anymore?

I know that no one likes being the second option. Don’t take away our jobs after we’ve paid so much money/time to get the necessary requirements for the jobs we desire. No one wants their dream job if they already feel like they’ve been sacked before they even apply for it.

Oliver Smuhar, 2018