Australian Digital Media Work Studies Pilot Program

We are looking for Australian legal experts, businesses, schools and students to participate in Legal Studies and Digital Media Work Studies Incubator

Term 4 2020 to Term 4 2021 – apply now entries open schools, students and companies

Since 2016, Paula Gilmour also of Midcoast Digital has been developing and refining a youth incubator in Mid North Coast Region which provides 2 students at a time work experience in a supporting and structured format.  In 2020 we have expanded our program to offer remote work studies incubator for Australian students in legal studies and digital media, working on real experts in the legal industry projects and will:

  • work with only one client
  • complete one request at a time
  • have online tools to learn
  • support and coaching

The process for business & students utilises an online portal for service tasks and communication and includes:

  • business requests service task & completes online brief
  • online meeting scheduled to clarify
  • students will learn one service task at a time
  • students should be able to complete 1-2 service tasks within 1 week
  • each task will be reviewed by us for coaching, editing and feedback
  • presented to business once completed
  • changes made as required

Our goal is to delight you with MidCoast Digital quality of work, insights, and expertise in supporting our talented youth too.

Business participation activities include: 

  • Attend online 15-minute onboarding and coaching in our comms portal
  • Attend online meetings to discuss and clarify your requirements
  • Attend online meetings to present work completed
  • Provide feedback and suggestions on students and pilot program

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Please note our students are making a commitment however you need to realise that this is a new pilot and we are working with 15-18 year olds. Most perform amazing in this new creative yet structured environment, yet sometimes things happen, so please…………

Be patient with us and them through this pilot program. Our aim is to define and refine the best ways to teach our youth and provide you with a cost effective and alternative way for your social media, film and production services. 

We realise a large number of business offshore and we are not saying to cease these activities.  We are merely asking you to make a conscious decision and supporting Australian Kids Today.

Should an issue occur please click here to schedule a 15 minute chat with Paula.  We will work with you to resolve any issues and complete your task

Our student pilot work experience services include Social Media Competitor Report and aim to complete one service task.

Current Service Tasks include:

Other – please tell us what you are looking for and we will advise if we can do it, or provide alternative options.

We have experience with 

Film & Production Pilot available in Mid North Coast of NSW only

Australian Students Year 9-12 Only

We provide a nurturing environment for you to learn digital skills in the real world.  This is your opportunity to show us what you can do.  You can participate remotely. All you need is a computer or laptop, internet and be available for 25 hours via Zoom, Google hangouts or Skype.

5 days work experience includes:

  • Ability to work remotely online
  • work on only one client
  • be part of a small team
  • complete online learning activities
  • participate in team and client meetings
  • have 4 hours creative play on cool online tools
  • learn lots and lots of new skills
  • start your digital portfolio

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More important, we will listening to your feedback to improve our work experience program.

You will be given the support tools and learning environment to complete a task from start to finish. And only one at a time.

Our goal is to ensure you shine and that you learn valuble skill sets. You will complete a social media competitor research report and learn how to complete one service project requested by a real business.

Please note that businesses are making a financial and time committment to support you to learn & develop vital skills for you to enter the work force.  MidCoast Digital are a business too and you will need to bring your best game face on and have a can do positive attitude to get the job done.

  • NB: We realise some of you are looking for part time work.  You need to understand that this is work experience.  Some students may shine and be lucky enough to secure casual ongoing work via MidCoastDigital or directly through clients. If you are serious about all things digital this pilot program is for you!