Old Bar Digital Studio Work Experience

Commencing on 6th January 2020, in our brand new Old Bar studio, we are calling on local 16 to 20 year old digital enthusiasts to join us for practical digital media work experience.  

If you are interested in all things digital and want to learn cool online tools over the Christmas holidays you are invited to assist Paula Gilmour, host
CPD-LIVE 2020, an online event with leading Australian legal experts, assisting thousands of law firms each year.  This content is also published worldwide to over 1.2 million people, from Old Bar, NSW 2430.

You will need to be able to commit to 20 hours of work experience in the below opportunities in 4-6 hour blocks.  We work Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm and provide computer, training and I have a leave your devices at the door policy.  

You will learn to work in a team environment and trusted to work on your own. Your objective will be to complete your task from start to finish, accurately and see this task through to completion.  It will not all be fun but you will learn heaps, most importantly how your efforts have contributed to this worldwide event.

If you are a good fit and enjoy the work,  we are also offering the opportunity for ongoing casual work in 2020.  We also offer remote work after hours and on the weekends too.  

We offer a supportive team environment, so you can learn at your pace, with an open door policy to ask questions, simple steps and guidance.

Apply now - current available work experience available:

1. Social Media Campaign - graphics, posting and reviewing analytics tools;
2. Webinar Production Assistance - weekly online events with LIVE Q&A; or
3. Film and edit with ways to publish content worldwide
4. Cyber Security Audit Reporting; or
5. Word Press - working on the website

To apply email [email protected] which type of work experience are your interested, links to current work or channel, advise dates and days you are available or schedule a call to discuss.

Paula Gilmour,
CPDforMe.com.au | MidCoastDigital.com.au
President Old Bar Business and Community Association