Support Aussie kids to participate in
#SAKT, t
ailored Y9 to 12 individual student or class
remote digital media work experience or placement

Since 2017, multiple students from five participating schools have assisted MidCoast Digital in various post production tasks for real clients. In 2023, we offer individual and teacher led class projects for legal or business studies students to participate in #SAKT.  Students are assigned tasks based on their abilities and interests, and work remotely with Paula Gilmour and Isaac Gassmann, award winning digital media specialists.  Ian Dachs, is assisting teacher led projects and is a former teacher and vice principal of 18+ years.

This year, students assist CPD for Me™ to publish exclusive continuing professional development (CPD) for law firms and lawyers.  Students can select from a wide range of leading experts recorded webinars below and can either participate in a class project, 1 week remote work experience or work placement and explore a digital career pathway.

Class projects are teacher led and designed for small groups and include remote meetings with the team and experts.  Each project involves students to work as a team and review their chosen one hour recorded expert webinar, choose their roles as writer, graphic designer, video editor, social media and submit their project. 

NB: Work experience and work placement programs at MidCoast Digital for CPD for Me is unpaid and work experience and placement arrangements made through your school. MidCoast Digital is currently seeking sponsorship and further funding to continue #SAKT program and applied to become a Creative Kids Provider!

APPLY NOW: Teachers and individual students

Step 1 Select category and expert, watch previews of one hour recorded webinars which include speakers biography, learning outcomes OR choose to assist CPD-LIVE webinar events OR CPD for Me corporate.

Step 2 Tick relevant topics of interest, complete form with your details, school and teacher and submit Term 4 or 2024.

Step 3 Click here to create your CANVA #SAKT, I applied template and let your digital skills shine.  Includes #SAKT participants beat and plea to the legal industry to sponsor Aussie kids today.  

Step 4 Please email [email protected] Subject #SAKT, YOUR NAME and SCHOOL and attach either png and/or MP4 of your CANVA #SAKT, I applied promotion to law firms. Please obtain parents approval prior to posting anything on social media.  Be cyber aware and cyber safe. 

We will contact your school, who will advise if your application has been accepted to participate in #SAKT.  Places are reliant on the continued support of the legal industry support via CPD for Me tailored eLearning corporate solutions.

Together, we can all learn 

Why #SAKT?

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