#SAKT - Y9 to 12 Remote Legal Studies and Digital Incubator Supporting Aussie Kids Today


Since 2017, students from five participating schools have assisted in learning free online tools and completing various digital media tasks. 

We assign tasks based on student abilities and could include creating graphics, social media reports,  CPD-LIVE webinar events, post production of CPD for Me, online professional development by leading experts for business and legal updates.

We provide an online nurturing and supportive environment, so students learn one task at a time exploring digital career pathways.  

We offer 1 week individual remote work experience (school or home), 10am to 3pm, working with real clients in a supportive remote environment.
– We assign tasks based on your capabilities and interests advised in your application. 
– Learning one task at a time you will assist in current #SAKT client requirements 



Schools can apply and choose from the following class projects assisting CPD for Me, publish leading legal experts supporting Aussie kids too:

1. Legal Studies – Review Barrister or Accredited Specialist 1 hour recorded legal update with actual cases.
2. Class Projects – Review 1 hour recorded webinar with team training to complete post production with lots of varied roles to explore.

Team projects for graphic design, social media campaign, writer, video edit and online event admin tasks for the whole class to participate
 a. “Getting of the anxiety rollercoaster” 1 hour recorded webinar – Mariya Radysh 2x TedX speaker; or
b.  Legal studies class can choose “legal update” of their interest; or
c. Corporate Solutions Sponsorship – assist an Australian company with their next social media project which 
includes the purchase of a dedicated computer or laptop for your school for ongoing #SAKT Individual Work Experience.
NB Class project submissions must be received within 90 day of class assignment  with Independent judging panel in February 2022 to be confirmed
* Class projects winners and runner ups announced each March and published on CPD for Me, supporting Aussie Kids Today since 2017.


Nick - Taree High #SAKT2020 (featuring Jimmy Corben)

CPD for Me Rise to the beat with Nick and Jimmy Jingle

Oliver - St Columba's Catholic College #SAKT2018

Oliver is now an award winning author and just published his fourth novel. Read Oliver's Essay on why we changed #SOYT - support our youth today to #SAKT, Support Australian Kids Today.

Lara - Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College #SAKT2020

Anji - Bulahdelah Central #SOYT2017

Natasha - Chatham High #SAKT2017

Government and Large Firms

CPD for Me are offering corporate solutions paying it forward with access to 91 hours of 2019-21 exclusive relevant professional development lectures foon a wide range of legal and business learning for only $15+gst a unit/seminar.

With every 1,000 unit subscription we can purchase a dedicated #SAKT work experience computer / laptop with wifi and sponsor one applying #SAKT participant.  With this device, we will then be able to provide the opportunity for other students to participate in #SAKT incubator. 

This digital incubator is a great way for our youth to explore digital career pathways.  For some students, this one week ‘escape from school pressures’ was the start of a new world full of possibilities.

NB Please check to see if CPD for Me one hour online training with leading experts ticks the box for your Training Allocation Budget.

#SAKT Individual Students we offer 1 week individual remote work experience, 10am to 3pm, working with real clients in a supportive environment.
– We assign tasks based on student capabilities and interests advised in their application.  Remember we are dealing with teenagers.  
– Learning one task at a time and complete to the best of their abilities
– some tasks may will include current client requirements in post production of legal professional development online training courses and lectures.


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