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"Paula offers an optimum solution, through the CPD for Me online CPD platform, for Industry Experts seeking to present to a targeted audience while delivering subscribers with high quality and affordable content that is accessible at their convenience. Paula and the CPD for Me team provides me with the necessary marketing exposure, technical and logistical support to increase my audience reach, enhance my presentations, evaluate my performance and raise my professional profile. Importantly, I have found Paula to be very knowledgeable, supportive and easy to work with, demonstrating a commitment to the success of both presenters and subscribers alike. I highly recommend"
Peter Spence Specialist Advisor, Core Connect Group
Peter Spence
Specialist Advisor, Core Connect Group
Tom Moore the Principal at Thomas H Moore Solicitor
Thomas Moore

Principal, Thomas H Moore Solicitor

“Paula’s team were helpful with suggestions on the format of the seminar and all the technical issues in its preparation. Paula made the whole process relaxed and easy for me.”

Karen Chaston Beyond Loss Expert
Karen Chaston

Beyond Loss Expert

“Reach out to Paula she is very open and professional. The collaboration will be a mutually beneficial one for you both.”

David Staples

Consultant, Pitcher Partners Sydney

“Not only was she a pleasure to work with, professional but most of all valued her expertise at getting three companies to collaborate. She also provided business development coaching for two partners who benefitted from her expertise to grow their practice.”

"Energetic, professional and offering a perspective that is otherwise not available in the legal space. Great product, great service."
Dennis Danaher the Director at Danaher Moulton
Dennis Danaher
Director at Danaher Moulton
"I can can truly say it has been an amazing experience. Paula has hosted each webinar that I have spoken at with great warmth and professionalism. She has given me many fantastic tips to improve my webinars as well as my social media presence. I am grateful to her and team for the great experience and I cannot recommend them enough."
Shelley Marsh the Managing Director and Principal at Marsh Financial Advice
Shelley Marsh
Managing Director and Principal at Marsh Financial Advice
"Knowing Paula's professionalism and the quality of other CPDforMe presenters, I had no hesitation accepting her offer.
Over the years, cannot tell you how many key insights and take-homes I've received from CPDforMe, which has helped grow my practice, even in trying times.
I Highly recommend"
William Attoh of Legal Made Easy
William Attoh
Legal Made Easy
"I have had the honour and pleasure of presenting for Paula at CPD for Me for many years now. She is always a pleasure to work with and is so supportive and focused on creating quality content for her subscribers but also supporting professionals to increase their online presence through the forum of educating others.".
Geovann Jammo of Evolve Family Lawyers
Geovann Jammo
Accredited Specialists - Family Law

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