Social Media 30 Day Posting Service

Organise your social media in 2021 in 30 day plans with analytics on what is working and what is not.

Starting from:


Social media is all about regular engagement – posting, liking, commenting, sharing etc.
Running a business is all about production and service
To be successful in both areas requires time and commitment

Let us focus on your social media so you can focus on your business!

Our 30-day social media posting service includes:

  1. 7 or 30-day posting plans
  2. Regular analytics to monitor success

We have an online platform which allows you to supply images, video and text.

We can also assist you create your social media design templates.

Click here Social Media Graphics Template Package

$800+ GST includes 2 designs for each platform – 10 designs in total

(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and even TikTok)


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